Paradise Memorial Crematory

You Have A Choice . . . There Is A Difference

About Paradise Memorial Crematory:
Evidence of cremation dates from antiquity and for many cultures and religions, cremation has been the preferred means of final committal. Today, cremation provides an excellent choice for families wanting this environmentally safe disposition, affording opportunities for burial, placement in an aboveground niche, or transportation to a distant city.

Today, may families select cremation for cultural as well as more practical purposes, and memorial gardens and columbaria provide niches for the placement of urns. Once a family has decided on cremation, selecting a crematory is the next important decision. For the past 32 years, Paradise Memorial Crematory and Paradise Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum have assisted families who have chosen cremation for their loved ones, each receiving the highest professional standards of care in this specialized service.

Paradise Memorial Crematory is the finest facility of its kind in the Southwest. The retorts, or chambers in which the cremation takes place, are the most environmentally friendly found anywhere in the world today.

Along with the finest equipment, certified operators, and careful management, we ensure and provide the same level of quality of care and kindness for your family that we desire for our own.

The History of Paradise Memorial Gardens

In 1973, Paradise Memorial Gardens was opened at 9300 E. Shea Boulevard to serve the growing population of Scottsdale. Paradise Memorial Crematory was opened in 1977 and was, at that time, only the fourth crematory in Arizona.

Jim Ahearne has over 38 years service in the funeral industry, is a Licensed Funeral Director, a Certified Cremation Instructor and has managed Paradise Memorial Crematory since 1992. Jim is the past President of both the Arizona Funeral Director’s Association and the Arizona Cemetery Association. Jim designed and developed the Cremation Tracking System used by many crematories around the world today.  Jim was born in South Dakota, raised in Scottsdale and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota.

1993 marked the completion of a new mausoleum and columbarium. The naturally lighted interior exhibits simple elegance done in earth tones with granite selected from the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain. The mausoleum contains 1,138 crypts, 959 granite-front niches, 300 glass-front niches all located inside the air-conditioned facility. The outdoor Courtyard Room contains 132 granite-front niches. Single, tandem and quadruple crypts are offered. The focal point of the mausoleum is the bronze relief of a sculptured cowboy hanging up his bridle, putting away his saddle and finally going to rest.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cremation

Here is a list of questions that are frequently asked, along with the answers. If you have other questions, feel free to send us an email or call during the day.

Do you have to be in a casket when you are cremated?
No. Arizona State law only requires that the container be rigid and suitable for cremation.

Do you cremate caskets?
Yes. About 60% of cremations in the United States are done with traditional types of caskets.

What happens to the casket in cremation?
Because of the intense heat and airflow, all non-metal parts are consumed.

How hot do the retorts (cremation chambers) get?
Between 1,600 and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long does a cremation take?
A cremation takes between one and three hours, depending on the weight of the individual and the temperature of the retort.

What happens to medical implants?
Depending on the material, they are either consumed by the heat or disposed of in a proper manner.

What happens to dental work, such as gold fillings?
It is either consumed by the heat or made unrecognizable. It cannot be retrieved.

Considerations for Those Who Choose Cremation

When a loved one passes away, family members are faced with many decisions about funeral arrangements and often have questions about those arrangements and their costs. For your assistance, we have listed several suggestions that will help ensure that your loved one is cared for in the most respectful manner.

Select a Funeral Home
Paradise Memorial Crematory requests that all arrangements for cremations be conducted by a licensed funeral home. If you choose a funeral home other than ours, you may still utilize our services by telling the Funeral Director that you wish to use Paradise Memorial Crematory. Charges by the funeral home will vary and are in addition to cemetery and crematory costs. If you have already made pre-arrangements with a funeral home other than ours, and wish to use our facilities, simply call the funeral home that has your information and advise them to note in your pre-need file that you would like to have Paradise Memorial Crematory handle your cremation.

Select a Crematory
When selecting a crematory, the following criteria is important to remember:
1. What is the crematory’s reputation in the community?
2. What is their standing with the State Board?
3. Are their facilities clean and the deceased treated with respect?
4. Do their reliability and quality control standards meet your standards?
5. Are their facilities open to your inspection?
6. Do they allow you to witness the cremation process if you so desire?
7. Can they meet your specific timing needs?
8. Are they locally owned and operated?
9. Does a fully licensed Funeral Director oversee the facility?
10. Is the facility environmentally safe?

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